Gummy balanced meal

Gummy balanced meal


Mondo Gallery is having an Adventure Time inspired art exhibition this Friday!  It will probably be super epic!!  Penn Ward will be there. All kinds of the Adventure Time gang will be there.  A mural will be there.  

I won’t be there, but my painting will.  This painting of the Pizza Party.  That was used for issue #4 of the comic.  If you will remember that.

You should go if you are in Austin this Friday!

i’ll be there!

"But fun has been edged out of the equation a bit, in favor of an emphasis on ferocity and artistry that’s increasingly hard to deny.”

zombi3shotgun asked: THANK THANK THANK YOU for the reblog and the follow the support means so much to the series!

no prob! lookin’ forward to seein’ more!

Girly Girl

ive got a playlist started

got any fun girl songs?


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